Webhook "Triggered Categories" lost after reorganizing categories

I set up a new webhook tonight with the “Triggered Categories” field populated. Later on, I created two new categories, one of which I set as the parent of the other new one and two existing categories, then reordered them.

Something must have went wrong when I did this because when I edited the webhook to add a new category to the “Triggered Categories” field, the field was empty. I’ve re-added all the categories to this filter and will leave the categories as they are for now because I can’t risk this webhook being triggered on private message or private category post events.

Sure @tgxworld can you have a look?

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Update on this. I went to edit the webhook earlier today and noticed that the categories disappeared again after changing nothing, so I refreshed the page and then they were there in the field. FYI.


Hmm I had a look at the code path again and I can’t reproduce the bug being reported here.

I did find a bug where categories added during creation are not actually being saved at all and fixed it in


@DanielMarquard Can you try providing me with the exact reproduction steps so that I can dig more into it? Thank you!


Sure. When I click the pencil icon to the right of the webhook to edit it, everything looks good with the exception of the “Triggered Categories” field being empty.

When I hit F5 to refresh, the field appears to be populated.


Hmmm can you try upgrading to include my latest fix to see if this has been resolved first before I dig into this further?

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Sure, I’ll do that now.

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@tgxworld, it seems to be working after applying your fix. I can check again tomorrow as well just to be sure. I’ll let you know.


Closing this first. Feel free to flag the topic if you run into this again. Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

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