Website Links pasted into a Topic

Website Links are automatically expanded to provide additional context and information. What meta data is discourse reading and how is it formatted (e.g. Facebook’s Open Graph).

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Is this any help?


Hello Jammy

It has to work automatically for the Forum Users. However, oEmbed might be the clue I need, perhaps that is what Discourse scrapes.


… or you mean OneBox is what provides Discourse with the capability? I currently do not have a forum on my website but I want my website links to be expanded by the Discourse Forums I belong to.

For example the MIT App Inventor Forum uses Discourse and does expand some website links, but not mine. I have Open Graph property tags and my links are expanded by WhatsApp and LinkedIn, but not by Discourse, hence my Topic.

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I’m afraid I don’t have in-depth knowledge of the inner workings, but the guide above has some tips on what information Discourse needs to be able to Onebox:

And a couple of troubleshooting tips too:

How do they stack up compared to your existing metadata?


Actually, sounds like my existing Open Graph tags should work with Discourse. Lets see what iFramely thinks…

Well, works perfectly on iFramely, including the mobile representation.

For some reason I cannot fathom, it is now working on Discourse (tested on the MIT Forum). The arrangement of the data is different to other platforms, including the iFramely test, but at least it works.

Your help very much appreciated JammyDodger, thank you.