Website went blank when transferring from non www to www

I am trying to redirect my to using the process mentioned here.

But as I rebuild the app and visited my website, the website did open with www but the website is a complete blank. A clean white tab is opening with nothing on it. I checked the developer console and found a lot of warnings and content security policy notices.

Can someone tell what the issue is? A good member of this community also suggested me to directly host the website on instead of but that opened some new issues with which I do not want. So how to redirect to After this, I’ll head towards Let’s Encrypt SSL and how to manage redirections after that?

You need a DNS registrar that can do a DNS redirect from the apex domain to a subdomain

It has different names, FWD record, “web forward” etc but it is best handled by your DNS provider.

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So the process linked above is of no use to me and I should revert it or keep it? And lastly, after this setup, should I follow Discourse’s Let’s Encrypt tutorial or Cloudflare SSL?
Sorry to ask so many questions but I am doing all of this first time and I am quite overwhelmed with all this new information.