Welcome message showing up in private message with Discobot

I recently noticed that you get the ‘This is the first time x has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!’ message if a new user is replying to Discobot as part of their tutorial. Could we get that message to only show up on a non-pm post?

Hello P16!

This does seem strange however, a new user shouldn’t see them until they are TL2 (member) which means the PM Discobot sent them was their first post a long time ago. This is how the code currently works and it was mentioned before that this wasn’t going to change. On the other hand it seems like a small change to make so that it ignores messages?

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Thanks for linking me to that topic @ondrej. I think Jeff did want to make the change though?


Yes my bad. I didn’t read all of the replies. Not sure if this is in the pipeline but it would be a nice addition.