Is it possible to modify Discobot to respond to a person the first time they post

Asking on behalf of a discourse forum! We were wondering if it were possible to set up Discobot to do that specifically! Thanks in advance.

Could you also set it up to post in that specific thread if a first-time poster opens a thread?


Sounds like a plugin #marketplace.

You might want to expand on the spec too, what do you want the bot to say/do?


Basically just greet a first time poster, and PM them a list of bullet points reminding them of certain forum practices to abide by!

It would just have
a) Detect a first-time poster, and
b) Send them a customizable PM, in this case for me it would be a short greeting, and a few bullet points reminding them of certain forum practices.

I was wondering if there was a way to modify discobot to do this, and if there isn’t, whether there was something else that did something similar!

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Discobot sends someone a welcome message out of the box.

You can edit that text:


Is it possible to change the PM trigger from making a new account, to when they first make a post?

Are you the admin of the instance? Type discobot in the settings and you will see the available options:


Nah I’m not actually!

From that screenshot it looks like there’s no such option I guess!

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But there is an education text that pops up the first time a user posts along the lines you describe. Maybe this text could be adjusted to provide a link at the bottom to let the user start the discobot tutorial if they want? (not sure the link to start discobot was ever implemented - I remember asking for it a while back)