Can I send a private welcome message instead of Discobot?

I loved the idea of Discobot, but my users do not understand it, and instead of starting the tutorial, almost all of them are replying to Discobot with a message like "Thank you for accepting me… "

And then Discobot says something like " Oh no ! … " (my site is in Spanish, I don’t know what is the English string).

It’s cool that users are replying to the first notification with a voluntary introduction. I changed the first message of Discobot to something like “Welcome to this community, you can introduce yourself here.” , but they are still replying to the private notification instead of introducing themselves in a public topic.

Is there a way to change this behavior, or to send a personal notification that doesn’t require a reply, just a welcome message with a link to an “Introduce Yourself” topic?

Yes, change the relevant site setting to make the intro PM non-interactive.