What are some reputable managed Discourse hosting providers out there?

I don’t want to setup hosting myself, I’d rather pay for hosting.

What are some solutions out there, in addition to the official host by Discourse team?

I’m looking for a solution lower than $100/mo


Unfortunately, none of these plans fit my budget?

Good news! Discourse is, and will always be, 100% free and open source software. For a flat one-time fee of $99, the community can install Discourse in the cloud for you. Please note that a $10/month hosting fee is still payable to the cloud provider (Digital Ocean), and that this option is completely self-support after the initial install. Click here to purchase a self-supported community install.

Source : https://discourse.org/buy


We offer managed Discourse hosting starting at $20 / month !


I have been happy with the support I have received from reclaim hosting, though I have not used their Discourse hosting. You could also have someone like me install it for you and pay for additional support as you need it.

Edit: here is my site:



Jay, do you know if Reclaim’s $10 a month plan allows custom plugins? I need to install a SIGNATURE plugin for my community and in order to be able to do that with my existing host, I will need to double the amount I pay per month which presently is beyond by budget.

I went to Reclaim’s website there there is no details about what that $10 per month covers.

I know nothing about their Discourse hosting, just impressed with their $25/year web hosting.

My advice on signatures is to train people not to want them, but my mother always says “free advice is worth what you pay for it”.

I don’t see how they offer $10/month hosting , I can’t imagine that they would support custom plugins at that rate.

I doubt you can beat DigitalOcean for raw power, $80 gets you 8gb, 4 core 80gb ssd, and 5TB transit with Discourse pre installed. and for another $5 you can setup a dedicated mail server. DO is unmanaged, but I have never seen them unwilling to help point you in the right direction.