What can the Teachable webhook do?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Discourse: it looks fantastic. I want to create a forum for an online course I’m running on Teachable. Can I do something clever with the webhook to automatically register my students for the forum, or something like that?

PS I’ve created webhooks before, with Zapier, but overall I am a real beginner with them. I read the page about webhooks and creating a bot in git, but I didn’t really understand how to relate it to Teachable.

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If you want to have users from Teachable in Discourse, you’re best off just implementing single sign-on (SSO), which Discourse is very strong on. There are a variety of protocols for it, you’d need to dig into Teachable to see what it’s capable of.


We have a Teachable endpoint on a plugin available at our hosting, here is how to set it up:

@mpalmer Teachable is not-so-strong on SSO, so we currently use the Teachable webhooks to invite people over to Discourse.


@danielw I’m curious if you found a solution that works for you. I’m asking because I will have to do same thing soon…

Do you have a similar plugin for Thinkific?

No - we could develop one as a bespoke project.
It would be a bit limited though since Thinkific lacks webhooks for some events, like customer cancellation.
If you’re interested, please send me a PM.


We have now added support for the New Enrollment event, which can be set up in the same way as described on our site.

The New Enrollment event does need some additional configuration on Discourse side:

  • You’ll need to create a category with the same name as your course;
  • don’t forget to edit the welcome topic for the category!
  • then you’ll need to create a group with the same (full) name as your course
  • go to the category security permissions and add that group with create/reply/see permissions (and you will probably want to remove the permissions for the ‘everyone’ group).

When a user enrolls in your course, they will be added to the group (which will grant them access to the category), and invited to the welcome topic of the category.

You can use the New Enrollment webhook next to the New User webhook, but you can also choose to use the New Enrollment webhook only.


Has anyone had luck finding a solution to the teachable/discourse SSO issue or a way to auto-register users?

Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting)'s solution sounds like it would work but I’m already hosted somewhere else. Any help is appreciated.

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Actually - it works pretty well and it does the embedding too.
We can help you move :slight_smile:


:grin: I’ll talk to the team and consider it. For clarification does this plugin just sign up and invite users or will it keep them signed in when the forum is embedded.

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It does not keep the users logged in (not any more than Discourse already does). Teachable does not support that, unfortunately.

The plugin also assigns users to a group corresponding to a specific course, so you can have different categories for different courses.

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Is there a way to use this webhook and ONLY add people to a group? We have people from different courses we want in the same Category.

We want to use this webhook to add people to groups and we will take it from there.

Any way to do that??