What content is Redis caching?

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we are putting together a security document for one of our clients and wanted to know if there is a doc or pointer to a list of items of what’s being cached on Redis.

Similar to [Redis] How are MessageBus and Redis working but the replies won’t elaborate on usage.


We use Redis to store a huge variety of information - it’s not only used as a cache. I’m afraid there are way too many different uses for me to list off the top of my head.

From a security point of view, you should treat it with the same care as the main Postgres database - assume it contains information that you would not want to be leaked.

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In generally every short living call (databases, scripta like PHP even Doscourse doesn’t use PHO etc) is mostly used and reused by Redis.

You should describe what security means to your clients. There is big difference in the needs and point of security riskis if your clients are small business, enterprises like MS, Google or Apple, goverments or NSA.