What do Permalinks under Customize do?

I created some Permalinks under Customize but don’t know what they do.
Also what is a category-ID?

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They are mostly used for people who migrate from other forum software. The idea of a permalink is you can create a link on discourse that will resolve to a particular topic or category.

Your link could be /hello-world instead of /t/12345/hello-world.


I c so it is basically replaces the Permalink-plugin: https://github.com/ligthyear/discourse-plugin-permalink ?

I’ve never used that particular plugin so I am not sure, but it sounds similar.

Hi, I can able to redirect the custom external URL. But I want to know can we customize the below request.
Like if I get the request community/apps then https://mydomain/community this is working fine. my question is whatever request comes like community/apps, community/new, community/abc, community/etc… I want to redirect to https://mydomain/community. Could you please guide me whether we can do community/* in permalinks.

Many thanks in advance.