Redirect a tag page to a custom URL?


I would like to redirect /tag/offer to tags/c/trading-post/18/offer.

Is such a thing possible?

I tried in Customize → Permalinks, but it didn’t work.

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Permalinks refer to incoming links from external urls, not links within the application.

That’s a pretty cool idea. Why are you wanting to redirect to that url?

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On my forum, I need tags only for 2 categories, and each category will have its own tag.
A trade category will have search and offer tags.
A other language category will have several language tags, such as russian, hebrew

These tags won’t be available for any other category.

My use of tags is to be less “ubiquitous” than Discourse tags feature is by default. I want my tags tightly tied to their respective category.

So my desired behavior is that when you’re in a topic list page with all categories selected, clicking a tag leads you to this tag page, but inside the category in which this tag belong to, not in a all category page.

Clicking offer here,

Leads you here:

In a page that shares all the forum tags. Here, trade tags will be mixed up with language tags here, which I don’t want.

This is why I’d like the offer category to redirect to tags/c/trading-post/18/offer, no matter where we are when we click on the tag.

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The correct solution would be if core would not show tags of restricted tag groups in the global drop down (or even better and more flexible an option should be made available per category/tag group to exclude them from showing up in the global drop downs). Has been raised before.

I have vague memories of us improving this so it works for internal links too? I’m not sure. Do you remember @techAPJ?

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Permalinks do work for internal links. For example here is a howto for setting up category redirection:

I was also able to setup redirection locally for /tag/iphone /tag/apple.

Note that the target URL has some constraints, it can only redirect to a particular topic/post/category/tag/external URL. Your target URL seems to be a mixture of category and tag URL which isn’t supported yet.

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But they don’t work for internal links that are already valid. So a permanlink only works to redirect /tag/offer to tags/c/trading-post/18/offer if there is no offer tag created.

For cases where the tag already exists, no solution has been offered here. I’m wondering about a redirecting in a theme component, trying to research how to do that right.