What does "Category mirrors a mailing list" do?

I was having trouble finding documentation on the tick box for “Category mirrors a mailing list” in category settings.

I wondering if this sends an email to everyone who has digest mode turned on. I have a special category in my community called Essential in which we rarely post.

@gerhard should answer this, I am not sure. It is experimental and new, so … beware!

No, “Category mirrors a mailing list” doesn’t have anything to do with digests.

Essentially it allows you to subscribe to a mailing list and have every email that is sent to that mailing list also appear in that category. In order for this to work you’d normally need to change a bunch of email related site settings. “Category mirrors a mailing list” applies those changes only to the category.

See Creating a read-only mailing list mirror for more information.


In case the “like” wasn’t enough. . . This sounds great! I’ve got a use for it already and have a couple clients that I think can make use of it as well. I can’t wait!

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