Mailing list mirror feature request: multiple mailing lists per category via tags

Continuing the discussion from Creating a read-only mailing list mirror:

Because categories can’t be deeply nested (which is fine), the above comes with some drawbacks. I would like, instead, to combine several mailing list mirrors (perhaps a lot of mailing list mirrors) into one category, or several categories with broad themes. (Announcement lists, development lists, etc.)

Each list has its own List-Id header, and I’d like each incoming message to be automatically tagged based on a mapping of those to tags. (Probably not just used, as List-Ids generally make ugly tags.)

That way, one could browse the category as a whole, or split up by tags if desired, and could use the tags to customize notifications.

Is this something that could be done via Discourse Automation?


I’m pretty sure I read here that there is a setting (in the yml file) to allow this. Edit: this is what I was thinking of: Sub-sub-categories - #7 by Michael_Uray


That could be an answer too — but I think tags make more sense. Particularly, if we have mailing lists for a particular subject area, and also a tag for the corresponding mailing list, that’d make it easy to see both at once via the tag view.