What happens if my domain is HTTP?

I have a domain that loads over HTTP. It being a single-page, static website, conversion to HTTPS hasn’t been a priority. I have now added a subdomain for discourse, and curiously it loads over HTTPS.

How can Discourse use HTTPS, when I’ve not invested the time to convert my domain to HTTPS?

Could this HTTP/HTTPS disparity cause problems for my Discourse users?

The Meta post https://meta.discourse.org/t/setting-up-https-support-with-lets-encrypt/40709 says “This guide is only for existing installs where HTTPS is not enabled. Following the official setup guide automatically enables HTTPS by default.” I followed that official guide when adding my Discourse, so I might presume that Meta post is non-applicable.

Thank you.

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Discourse handles everything you need for a functional website, HTTPS included. We handle provisioning a certificate, renewing and updating the configuration of the web server.

No, it should not cause any problem.


You don’t convert your domain to HTTPS, you can configure the different web sites / web applications on hostnames within your domain to HTTPS. So what happens on discourse.example.com is totally unrelated to what happens on www.example.com or example.com.


Sorry, yes, configure not convert.

So it appears from the two replies so far above that if I’m troubleshooting a user-reported issue, the situation of my public, static website being on a domain with an HTTP scheme, and my private Discourse app serving HTTPS, despite being a subdomain of my HTTP-schemed domain, isn’t a likely cause of error.

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That is correct.

What is the user-reported issue about?


I created a separate thread regarding my error log here: How to use error logs to troubleshoot a user issue?

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