What happens when I fill all disk space on my Discourse instance?

I have a question about this.

I have 30.6 gb free right? What happens when I reach this limit? I will not be able to upload files anymore?

How it works?

That’s probably your main disk, so if you fill that up, your site will stop working.


E como faço para adquirir mais espaço? devo aumentar na hospedagem (Digital Ocean)?

And how do I get more space? Should I increase in hosting (Digital Ocean)?

Would be better if Englsh were used so others can help you :slight_smile:


You can pay more money for Digital Ocean, and they will gladly give you more space.

Keep in mind, this space will last a lot of time in a discussion board, since text doesn’t take too much space.

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I don’t think you need it right now… do you REALLY think you’re gonna fill up 30GB? I’m a firm believer in only upping resources when it’s needed…


In my forum users make available files and projects, so believe that it occupies many spaces, the maximum of each file is 3.5Mb

Worry about it when the time comes. Not dismissing your concern, but it’s not warranted quite yet. How large is your site?


Is a site with only 275 members, but I acquired it in just 3 days, I believe it will grow, almost all users will have available files to download.

Again, cross that bridge when you get to it. This is what I’d do (I do primarily devops): Monitor disk space and if disk space usage exceeds 80% – worry – until then – relax. Why are you gonna pay for more disk space than you actually need.

Unless you are currently using 80% of your disk space, stop worrying. In servers I manage, I will usually only add storage and/or RAM if I need it – not before.


Oh, I’ve run out of free space in a private discourse instance many times. What happens is that the database operations fail. And the whole site goes offline. It recovers as soon as there’s free space in the instance.

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That can and may happen – HOWEVER, do not do anything until there is a need. You should be keeping an eye on disk space and system metrics anyways.

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