Can Discourse be installed without root access?

I have web space that is on a shared server that I do not have the option to get root access to. Is there a workaround for installing Discourse without having root level?



No that type of hosting isn’t supported.

However, getting a compatible VPS nowadays is very cheap at $5 in multiple places, like Digital Ocean and Vultr.


Thanks for your reply. I looked at Digital Ocean.

For $5 a month you get 25GB of space. If you have 50 Discourse members posting pictures and video links dozens per day…will 25 GB get eaten up fairly quick?

Does Discourse have a database trimming feature?

A video link, to let’s say YouTube is 43 bytes. 5GB can store 116279070 of those :wink:.

When disk space becomes an actual problem, instead of a theoretical one, you can use either Storage on DigitalOcean - Highly available Block Storage (at $0.10/month) or Spaces on DigitalOcean - Beautifully simple object storage at $5 for 250GB.


If you are expecting lots of uploads, I’d recommend going for the $10 2gb droplet and use spaces for uploads.


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