What if set db_default_text_search_config: "pg_catalog.simple"

Recently, I notice that there is a

  db_default_text_search_config: "pg_catalog.english"

in the configuration file (standalone.yml/data.yml). I can guees what it means through its name. The issue is that my locale is CN-zh or my main language is Chinese (That means the same, lol ) and my setting is the default (pg_catalog.english, never noticed), and my pg text search work just well. So what does that do? I can find nothing useful in this site.

So, what if i change this setting to db_default_text_search_config: "pg_catalog.chinese" or db_default_text_search_config: "pg_catalog.simple". What will happened?


I’m also interested in how to use db_default_text_search_config correctly in app.yml.

I have found some errors when searching Chinese. Some results cannot be shown correctly.