Db_default_text_search_config language options?

Hi, where can I find all the available languages to set the db_default_text_search_config option?
The default language is in English:

Is it safe to assume that a Discourse instance with posts on an own English language will get worse search results?

Hi! I was searching for the same info. Apparently that’s a postgresql config, which, according to this stackexchange answer is:

List of text search configurations
   Schema   |    Name    |              Description              
 pg_catalog | danish     | configuration for danish language
 pg_catalog | dutch      | configuration for dutch language
 pg_catalog | english    | configuration for english language
 pg_catalog | finnish    | configuration for finnish language
 pg_catalog | french     | configuration for french language
 pg_catalog | german     | configuration for german language
 pg_catalog | hungarian  | configuration for hungarian language
 pg_catalog | italian    | configuration for italian language
 pg_catalog | norwegian  | configuration for norwegian language
 pg_catalog | portuguese | configuration for portuguese language
 pg_catalog | romanian   | configuration for romanian language
 pg_catalog | russian    | configuration for russian language
 pg_catalog | simple     | simple configuration
 pg_catalog | spanish    | configuration for spanish language
 pg_catalog | swedish    | configuration for swedish language
 pg_catalog | turkish    | configuration for turkish language
 public     | fr         |