What is a group:GROUPNAME search?

What is a non-PM topic associated with a group? A topic in which a member of the group participates? Created by a member of the group? Something else?


It’s a regular topic associated with the group and only the group can access, but is not a PM (PM topic).

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If I search for group:team here on meta, I get various public topics in the results. (I’m not a member of team) It looked like they were all created by a member of team but I wasn’t sure if that was coincidental.

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When I search group:team it gives me lots of Whisper posts.

Actually, that wasn’t strictly true. When I searched for group:team and a keyword it gave me lots of whisper posts, but just group:team gave me lots of posts from people in the Team group. I think (if I’m following it right) that eg, group:team gives you public posts from all the people in that group.


Looking at the code suggests that it is any post created by a member of the group. Ordered by relevance, for a non-member of team, seems to weight topics more heavily than replies.

Ordered by latest, I see replies and also notices like topic closures, etc.

Perhaps it would be good to split this chain into a separate topic about what a group: search is. #support category, asking what it is?


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