What is a 'Rollback' option?

Today I noticed on my Discourse instance a new button next to “Backup” - a “Rollback” option:

It appeared without any apparent reason. When does it appear and what does it actually do? What is the difference between this and “Restore”?


It appears when you recently restored a backup. It allows you to undo the last restore operation. That option will disappear after a couple of days.


Nice. Does it mean though that Duscourse is performing some “hidden” backup just before the restore, and it uses this backup to do the rollback?
Or is it implemented completely outside of the backup system?

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It’s renaming the database schema before restoring the backup, so that it can rollback if something happens during the restore. That schema stays around for 2 weeks I think and can be used for a manual rollback. It’s not perfect, because uploads aren’t included in this, but it’s better than nothing.


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