What is supposed to go in “DISCOURSE_HOST”?

Hi Robin, quick question:

The callback URL I have been using is https://1.hosted-by-discourse.com/auth/oauth2_basic/callback - and it doesn’t seem to be working. Does it look like I’m doing anything wrong?

What is supposed to go in “DISCOURSE_HOST”? I am currently using the Discourse hosting free trial so for the “DISCOURSE_HOST” section I am using the Discourse hosting URL - which looks like this 1.hosted-by-discourse.com


You need to use your public site URL (whatever appears in the address bar of your browser). The *.hosted-by-discourse.com addresses are our CNAME targets, and cannot be accessed directly.

Ok, thanks David, we’ll try that and let you know how it goes by tomorrow :slight_smile:

The new callback URL worked!

But I do have another question - is it ok to leave these 2 fields (below) empty if the response to my token request doesn’t have any property such as a user id?

As you can see, I am using (or at least trying to) use the “Fetch user JSON for OAuth2” method, so I guess we can fetch the user id from that user info JSON response?


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Yup, you can leave both of those settings blank :+1:

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