What is the best way to Integrate Trello with Discourse?

Our community use Trello for project management and Discourse for Community building and discussion. The two are too distant, and i often find members have been using the Trello chat feature which is terrible and normally no-one knows they have been asking questions there, so they get frustrated no-one is replying to them.

Does anyone know a way to integrate Trello and Discourse a bit closer?

Dream solution would be replacing Trello comments with Discourse, but i imagine there are technical limitations preventing that unless someone has built a really great plugin

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For a while Zapier were talking about a Discourse integration, more recently they’ve updated their request page, rephrasing it to read “Discourse has not yet built an integration on Zapier” which is disappointing.


Maybe @dax or @Simon_Cossar could take a look.


I was looking at that page a couple of minutes ago. I’ll see what can be done about that.


Pardon the necro bump.
Have there been any attempts to use IFTTT to connect Trello and Discourse?

It’s good that you bumped it. There are a couple of posts in the topic asking about Discourse/Zapier integrations. If you go to https://zapier.com/apps/discourse/integrations now, you’ll see that there are now official integrations. Details about the integrations are in this topic: Using the Zapier Discourse Zap Templates.

Not that I am aware of, but it would be worth trying it. If you do that, let us know what you find.

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This definitely feels less pressing now that we have a Kanban Board component:

I’ve not needed to use Trello much since!


Yep, definitely interested in the Kanban board plugin, but we do still have our existing Trello board with years of information. At a minimum we’ll need some way to migrate over. :slight_smile:

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My suggestion would be to start with a new team or project and just gently phase from one to the other.

It will let you collect feedback and tailor the kanban board, rather than moving over “big bang” style and harming productivity.

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Is it possible to convert Trello cards to Discourse topics? I see they can be exported as json as described here.

You could probably automate it with Zapier.