What is the best way to search a particular group's messages?

Sometimes our moderators want to search all messages sent to our community’s moderators group. (This is distinct from the system’s ‘moderators’ group as our community’s moderators are distinct from everyone who needs ‘moderator’ privileges).

However, we hit this issue:

I’m not quite sure how to refine a search to the () Moderators messages. When I’m in the list of () Moderators messages, and I do the search, it limits it to personal messages, which is only messages that I have initiated or participated in, not ones that the other moderators have created. Any ideas?

What is the best way to search the messages that one has access to, not just the ones that you have participated in?

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Not sure this is possible cc @sam?

I don’t think we have a search operator for this but we should certainly add one. @techAPJ maybe you can look at this.