What is the CSS attribute for Category Title hover color?

When you hover category titles on the main screen… I want to change the color of the hover, but for weeks I have not been able to find the right CSS code to do so.

Any thoughts?

It’s hard to know for sure what you mean by “category titles on the main screen,” but give this a shot:

.category-list .category-name:hover {
    color: blue;

If that’s not what you are looking for, a screenshot showing what you are trying to target would be helpful :slight_smile:



Here is an example box from my main screen. I want to change the color of the text of “Off-topic”, which is a category name, when I hover over it. It is possible something from my CSS is already keeping it from changing. But unfortunately that code you gave didnt work. Any thoughts?

Ah yeah, the box styling uses different classes. Thanks for including the screenshot. You need to get pretty specific with the selector:

.category-boxes-with-topics .category-box-heading a:hover {
    color: blue;

thank you! that solved it

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