What is the difference between a post and a topic?

(Alex) #1

I am wondering what the difference between a post and a topic since my forum needs it so users can gain trust levels.

(Mittineague) #2

In terms of Trust Level requirements?

Say there are 4 topics each with 2 posts and a member reads them
topics entered = 4
posts read = 8

For 1 topic with 25 posts
topics entered = 1
posts read = 25

AFAIK posts made by the member do not count towards the post read count.
i.e. for a 2 member only “back and forth” topic with 20 posts, the posts read would be 10

I say AFAIK because we noticed some discrepancies depending on where we looked.
But that was likely due to a massive migration of older posts from vB

(Alex) #3

Thank you for clearing that up for me.

(Kane York) #4

A topic contains multiple posts. This is the fourth post in this topic.