What is the 'discourse post event allowed custom fields' setting for?

There is this setting discourse post event allowed custom fields. No idea what it does. I have created a custom field and it shows in the event creation form, but the field itself doesn’t show up in the event topic (unless it is very well hidden).

The description says

Allows to let each event to set the value of custom fields.

… which is technically accurate. :slight_smile: How can these custom fields be displayed publicly?

EDIT: I just noticed that if I introduce a value to the custom field, save changes, then edit the event… the value is empty.

Bumping this bit and hoping that someone has an answer, no matter how imperfect. :slight_smile: It’s a setting, it produces a change in the UI, but I can’t tell whether it does nothing or it is me not knowing how to use it.


I think it’s used by plugins that listen to the events? My experience with this plugin is limited though, but I’ll see what I can find out. :+1:


Happy Cakeday @quimgil :slight_smile:

From what I’ve been able to glean from so far:

discourse post event allowed custom fields

It allows admins to add new fields in the form used when creating an event. There will be one field per “custom field”. The values entered when creating an event will be provided to all the plugins that listen to the proper events. These values are not stored in the database, only in the raw of the post.


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