Creating and managing events

:bookmark: This guide explains how to create and manage events using the Calendar (and Event) plugin in Discourse. It covers how to create events, set event options, interact with events, and view the upcoming events calendar.

:person_raising_hand: Required user level: All users (with appropriate permissions)

Enabling events

Events are a feature of the Calendar (and Event) plugin. To use this feature:

  1. Enable the Calendar (and Event) plugin
  2. Configure related settings

For detailed instructions on enabling and configuring the plugin, read the Discourse Calendar and Event plugin guide.

:information_source: It’s highly recommended to keep the local dates feature enabled when using events.

Creating an event

To create an event:

  1. Start creating a new topic or edit the first post of an existing topic
  2. Click the gear icon in the toolbar
  3. Select “Create Event” from the dropdown menu

This action adds an editable markdown block to your composer. You can position this block anywhere in your post. Here’s a simple example:

[event start="2024-02-28 20:00" status="public"]

While editing, you’ll see an event placeholder in the preview:

Event options

When creating an event, you can set various options:

  • Start and end dates and times: An event must have a start date; end date is optional
  • Event name: Optional; defaults to the topic title if not specified
  • URL: Add a link to display in the event information
  • Timezone: Set the timezone (note that the time in markdown is UTC)
  • Status: Choose from:
    • Public: Joinable by anyone
    • Private: Invite-only
    • Standalone: Not joinable
  • Reminders: Set optional reminders to notify participants or bump the topic
  • Recurrence: Set if this is a recurring event
  • Minimal Event: Hide the ‘Going/Not Going’ and invitee status in the display

After setting these options, your event topic will look similar to this:

Event menu

Once an event is created, a menu in the top right corner provides additional options:

Options for all users (with appropriate permissions):

  • Add to calendar (download .ics file or add to Google Calendar)
  • Send a PM to the event creator

Options for users who can create events:

  • Notify user about the event
  • Export event (download a list of RSVPs)
  • Bulk invite (invite people through UI or by uploading a CSV)
  • Edit event (note: this resets RSVPs attendance)
  • Close event

Interacting with an event

Users can mark their expected attendance using the Going/Interested/Not Going buttons. Their avatars will appear in the event display.

For popular events, users can view a full list of responses by clicking the “Show all” button:

If an event has an end date, the event details will also display in topic lists and the topic header when scrolled:

Upcoming events calendar

All created events are listed on the Upcoming Events calendar. You can add a link to this calendar in your sidebar or header dropdown navigation menu.

The calendar is available at the /upcoming-events page, where users can see a summary of events in calendar form. Clicking on an event opens the related topic for RSVPs or to view the conversation:


Q: Why does the “Create Event” button sometimes disappear?
A: Some users have reported that the “Create Event” button intermittently disappears. If this happens, try refreshing the page.

Q: Can I change who can create events?
A: Yes, this is controlled by your site’s permissions settings. Consult with your site administrators for specific details.

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