What is the max image upload size limit by file type

We have gotten questions on what the maximum size an image upload can be in our Discourse Photography forum and it has resulted in inconsistent opinions.

It appears that the size of files that can be uploaded depends on file type (and possibly other factors as well).

I tested a large .Psd file and received a message saying

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is too big (maximum size is 30000Kb)

I then reduced the image to 29.9 M and was presented with the same message, It seems 28.9M worked but rather than displaying the image it gave a link to download the image.

For a .PNG file, 53.1M triggered a timeout error but 40.4M worked fine. My testing what works for me is all well and good but I am wondering if I can with confidence test all the file types and say my results will be valid for the other users (we are talking about direct upload, not an upload through e-mail which causes its own issues).

So, basically the answer I am looking for is:

A. Is there a default limit set in the Discourse software that determines what the file size limit is for each image file type that we can provide the users with.


B. Is it that the only answer we can give is to keep trying to upload smaller and smaller sizes until something works (we are trying to encourage the users to share their images and it is causing frustration)

Note that image and non-image attachments have separate settings in the Admin:

Also see this topic:


Thanks for the reply,

I only have leader privileges, I will try to convince one of the volunteer admin level moderators to check the path you provided.

We are not concerned with changing the file size allowed, we only want to be able to tell the users what number to stay under to be able to upload images.

Update, the Admin path provided the information we needed

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