What is the most important file/data folder in the discourse?

If something happens on my server, what is the most important folder that I need to have saved to be able to recover as much data from my forum and be able to upload my forum again to another server? Basically, which folder can I replicate my forum identically but on another server?

You’ll need a full backup of the entire database in order to restore to a new server.


In this case, other than that easy backup of the discourse control panel itself, is there any other folder that I can copy as a form of security? Because the easy backup itself happens in a minimum period of 24 hours, I installed my own backup on my own machine where I can make backups much more frequently and in any way I want, so which folder should I copy?

In ~6 years of running one site I’ve not had a single event of data loss due to the software - that’s how stable and reliable the Discourse tech stack is (inc. the incredible Linux).

You can take a snapshot of a VPS usually at any time, but the daily backups are more than good enough imho.

the data folder is /var/discourse/shared

you should keep a copy of app.yml somewhere safe too.

Yes, yes, I trust Discourse a lot, but I’m afraid of something happening on my machine, ask me a question friend, if something happens I should install Discourse normally on another machine and upload this daily backup to the panel and restore, but this restoration is it able to restore all plugins and settings together or just the data and uploads?

you need:

  • back-up including uploads (option when you back up)
  • app.yml

if you have those you can recreate an identical server.