What is the name of this theme?

What is the name of Unreal Engine’s community theme? Or how can i make a theme like that?

Unreal Engine Forum

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That is a custom theme that we built. I’m afraid it’s not publicly available.

Here are some resources if you want to have a go yourself. Otherwise I’d recommend posting in #marketplace if you have budget.


If you want to dig a bit and figure out what they use on their forum, you can use your browser dev tools, Sources tab. Example for chrome:

You can find what theme components they use by looking inside /theme-javascripts files. It may not be written explicitly, but there are clues.

For example, this file is from Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component

Plugins are listed in /assets/plugins.

You can also look at the CSS in /stylesheets/:


@HAWK If I need you to create a similar forum for me, and integrate it within my existing paltform, how can I reach out to you for further discussions?

Hi @Ahmed_Khodeir – our pro services are reserved for customers on our Enterprise hosting. If that is something that you are interested in, reach out to sales@discourse.org and we can talk you through the details. If not, then I’d suggest posting in the #marketplace to find a freelancer.

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I’m only posting to add in that the theme is pretty forking sexy. I imagine Ahmed you can find someone in #marketplace with more than enough talent to replicate it – at a fraction of the enterprise SaaS pricing no less :slight_smile:


Yes I agree with you @P2W :ok_hand:t2:

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