What is the purpose of warning for duplicate links

I get warnings like this occasionally:

For a long time now, I’ve just dismissed them and gone on with my life.

Today I finally asked myself ‘Why?’. What is this warning intended to accomplish? Are you trying to make the point that if the user didn’t read the docs the first time I linked them, he’s not likely to now?

Is this about consolidating “credit” for clickthroughs to one user/post for badge collection?

Something else?


I can tell you that, for our forum, we post news articles and it’s extremely helpful to get that pop-up so that we’re not reposting news someone else has posted.

Just my two cents.


I wonder what the chances are of getting a toggle to turn this off…

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I do not encounter @Slowhand’s issue and behavior on my forum, and we often refer to our forums internally by their URLs, which triggers the warning every time.

In the vast majority of these triggers I encounter (and I’m quite confident that this is the same for my communities’ users), it’s more annoying than helping. I’d like very much to have a setting to disable this warning too.


I’ve been having a little play, and it can be hidden with a bit of CSS for a short term fix:

.composer-popup.custom-body {
display: none; 

I checked it against the ‘Your Topic is Similar to’ pop-up, and that one still appears as it has its own class, but I don’t know how many pop-ups are included in custom-body? I mainly use my mobile, so I don’t see these very often. :slightly_smiling_face:

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