Disable duplicate link and topic warnings

We would like to disable this warning, please:

It looks like your link to […] was already posted in the topic by […] are you sure you want to post it again?

And similarly this warning:

Your topic is similar to…

I run a private Discourse with a small group of colleagues. We have no concerns about spam. We want to make it easy for each other to access links. And we commonly start new threads that the Discourse AI detects as duplicates that are not. The fact that the warning covers the entire output area confuses our less-tech-savvy coworkers and slows everyone’s contributions.

Searching settings for dup doesn’t yield a relevant response. Could this feature be requested, please?

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I don’t think we have a setting to disable this one… you can hide all composer popup messages entirely with CSS (added to admin → customize → themes)… we already do this on mobile devices, so you wouldn’t be hiding anything critical by doing this:

.composer-popup-container {
 display: none !important;

The similarity warning can be disabled by changing the max similar results site setting to 0. Though, worth mentioning that we use it on our own internal community and it does prove useful from time to time.


Editing the dark and light themes’ CSS, and nilling the max-similar-results, appear to resolve my concerns, thank you.

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