What is the right way ban an email address?

After 2 years I got first bad behaving individual. That went so badly over all borders that I didn’t bother start conversations and warnings.

So I could delete the account, but she (yes, I know the sex, but of course it doesn’t matter — you should adopt non-genre prounouns from better development languages :wink: ) can create a new account using same address. Banning IP-address is not an option — she’s using the biggest mobile operator in Finland.

This is kind of an edge case, because I’m quite sure she will use same address again and again — because there is stong ideologic background.

All I did was suspending after cleaning. I would like delete that account but that would give to her option create ne account, right? Forever lasting suspending will shut down doors to that email, right?

It is always good choise to make reactive decision harder to admins, because they should keep theirs head cold. But still that route feels… bit awkward or something. All I want to do is ban that email@example.tld and clean away everything, and that’s it.

How to ban a single email address is a supportive question. But from community I woud hear how to hadle this quite common situation, but because I’m living in, kind of, safe environment this is quite new situation for me.

I had close to 30k members in one dog-related Facebook-group. It is possible one of the most cleanest groups in all social media — just because I don’t tolerate at all bad behaving. I can give one warning and that’s it. But kicking out and banning is so easy task there — and easy means I know what I’m doing and how, and that is not totally situation here. Why is the easy part :joy:


Yep, this is how you should be handling it. Not all bans need to result in post removal, that’s totally an option, but I would definitely keep the account associated with the email address.