What plugins do you recommend?

We’ve been running www.graphicdesignforum.com for a year on discourse now. We moved from vBulletin to discourse and been very happy since. Clean, fast, and stable. Just a few days ago we also moved to self hosting.

My question is what are the plugins you found useful for your community, and are there any plugins you think we may find useful in a Graphic Designer community.

Btw, if you guys need any help or advice with your logo or other design work, do let me know, happy to help!

Akismet is essential as there are so many human spammers out there now.


I run a 3D graphics forum on blenderartists.org. If I had to choose one plugin that’s essential for our type of community, it’s Topic List Previews. We’re using it in combination with a custom made ‘grid view’ plugin for better image galleries. You can see it in action here.


Is it supposed to look like this on Mobile?

That looks bad.

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No, that’s not right. I’ll look in to that, thanks!


Do you use anything else to protect from spam and bot or just askimet ?

can you share what other plugins are u using here in homepage

That’s Topic List Preview for the thumbnails and the Header Links theme component for the links at the top. The ‘Blender News’ menu is a custom component.