What to do about pop-up with advice on replying to several posts?

While replying to a couple of posts in the same topic on a recent install, I got a pop-up asking me to use the edit button to combine them into one jumbled post covering several unrelated subthreads. Can that be switched off with configuration?

And is it a sensible default? In other words, do many people really prefer unrelated points to be combined into one post?

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This is controlled by the sequential replies threshold site setting. The default value for that setting allows you to create 3 replies in a row. After you’ve created 3 replies, you will be prevented from creating more replies until another user creates a post in the topic. The setting cannot be disabled, but it could be set to a very high number.


Discourse doesn’t have any concept of threading, the expected behavior when responding to several users is to quote and reply within a single response. Multiple back-to-back responses is usually regarded as being pretty spammy, hence the setting.

Yes, because topics are flat, so there’s a degree of relevance between them. If a topic branches off too wildly, it’s for the moderators to split out into separate discussions.

Plugins such as no-bump take that concept one step further, preventing the topic from being pushed back up to the top of /latest until another user replies.


Regarded by whom?

Doesn’t encouraging people to reply to several unrelated matters in one post make it more difficult for moderators to split discussions up?

I also doubt that moderators on many sites actually do this, but that’s a different problem.