How to disable 'posting instructions'

When writing a new post or replying to an existing one, a panel lights up saying “Please consider replying to several posts at once” or “Your topic is similar to…” etc.

My extremely Non-Geek audience are very confused by that, especially the new arrivals.

How can I disable that?


Is there anything specific about the messages that they’re finding confusing? If they’re confusing we’d like to clarify if possible.

“Your topic is similar to…”

You can disable this specific message by changing the min body similar length setting to a high value, like 99,999

“Please consider replying to several posts at once”

You can disable this one by changing the sequential replies threshold setting to a high value (something like 10 should be fine).


Hi Kris, thanks for taking the time!

When those posts pop up, they get the feeling as if it’s telling them off, or rather, that I’m telling them off, that i’ve put those settings to say that. It makes them feel as if they’re somehow doing something wrong.
‘Consider replying to several posts at once’ has absolutely no meaning to them: there are two reply buttons and frankly, i’m happy with whichever one they hit.

As for the ‘similar topics’, that is absolutely perfect in a place like this, where people are looking for information and it helps if things are contained. It’s better for everyone.

But mine is a place for intimate sharing and having ‘similar posts’ elsewhere simply isn’t relevant. So it startles them, they wonder if they should post elsewhere - and end up not posting at all.

Now, if this were to happen just the first once or twice, or for trust_level 0, that would be one thing. But even as admin, three years later, i keep getting those warnings. So it’s not as if it eventually stops.

Thanks for the solutions. I’m going to adjust those settings right away!


Do you have any suggestions for gentler copy there, so people don’t feel they are being “told off” when the pop-up advice shows?

I think (my!) people don’t actually understand the difference between the grey (reply to post) and the blue (reply to topic) button.

So if anything were to pop up, rather than ‘consider replying to several topics’ (“Why? What am I doing? Isn’t that what I’m doing?”) the pop up might be explanatory: “By using the grey button you are replying to just one person. If you meant to reply to the entire topic, you can use the blue button.”


That message has nothing to do with which reply button they use. It’s a gentle reminder to ask them to do one post with all their replies (and hopefully quotes) instead of one post per reply which makes it hard to follow the discussion.

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I was rather under the impression it only shows up when you hit the grey button.
but… i can’t verify that even to satisfy my own curiosity, because i’ve now disabled it, :slight_smile:

yes, I certainly do see your point.

it’s not so relevant to my forum though, so i’m very happy to have it disabled.

I noticed at one point one of your team edited a post of mine to take out white-space and string sentences closer together (not in this thread).
Those space saving details - and multiple replies in one post - make sense in a place like this.
For my peeps: not so much: they can take hours formulating one reply and if it consists of just the one sentence, to be followed by another later, so be it. Different ball game.

Either way, I’m very happy with the present solution, so thanks!


Hi all.

I am not using Discourse as a “forum”.
I am using it for writing and managing text.
I am the only one using it.
I like the ability to write short bits of text :smiley:

Would love to be able to disable the “Consider replying to several posts at once.”?

Thanks all.

Hey Andrei, this is what Kris replied to that at the time:

i can’t remember now where to adjust those settings, but it worked for me.



Thank you for your help @Dani1