What's the easiest way to display users' trust level in posts?

I would like to display users’ trust level (or corresponding badges) in the posts, like this screenshot:

What’s the easiest way to do this?

I think this gives readers a quick way to see whether a post is trustworthy, and also gives users an incentive to climb to higher trust level.



This theme component should help. Just add the trust level badges to be displayed. You can also add a custom title if you want but that will be hard.


Hey @physixfan As per your requirement mentioned I have developed a theme component for it. You can use it and provide a feedback to it


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Nice! Can you show the name of the trust level instead of “trust_level x”? For example we call trust_level 2 the Gold Member, it would be nicer to show “Gold Member” instead of “trust_level 2”.

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@physixfan done with your said changes have a look to it.

Thanks! Is it possible to show the customized trust level title? See attachment, we renamed the titles and would really like to show these customized titles~

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@physixfan repository updated, look to it

Wonderful, this is really helpful, thank you very much!

It seems the user’s level is showing on the left of the username on mobile. This is a bit strange. Can it be moved to the right side like on desktop?


@physixfan again done with your said changes, have a look to it



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