Generate trust level explanation posts on install


(Travis) #1

Similar to the posts generated for categories, assets, and other auto-generated posts, I think we should generate posts that explain the trust level system. These are linked from the badges listing but they link back to’s post.

I’ve mirrored the post on my forum with a few edits specific to my forum (example here) and I’d love to see similar customizability or generalizing of the posts so they work outside of Discourse. The admin would also be able to edit them to suit their needs of course.

I’ve found that having this explanation on the forum has contributed quite a bit to empowering members by giving them an understanding of what’s involve while still being vague as to the specific numbers for each tier. For example, I use phrases like “Can post many images” instead of “Can post 5 images”.

(Travis) #2

Checking back on this. Is there a specific reason these are hard linked back to and can’t be edited?

(Sam Saffron) #3

No specific reason, we just have not gotten around to changing the links on the badge descriptions and seeding the topics.