What's up with dev in the version number?

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Version now has dev appended. Is this on purpose?


It is on purpose :slight_smile:

But we should probably explain the reasoning behind it, somewhere in the near future…


I think it broke my code that compared version numbers to decide whether to run a bootstrap, but I haven’t had time to figure out exactly how. :crying_cat_face:

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Here’s a summary of the changes:

These new version numbers are still valid semver, and are parseable by Gem::Version.new, so that’s the best way to compare them.

If you were trying to parse version.rb manually, then the relevant change might be this one which restructured the file to support this new suffix.

If you can share the relevant code, then I’m sure we can help to figure it out.


Thanks! I"m not sure yet if it’s the Ansible code that compares the versions or my code that retrieves it. I suspect it’s my code and it’s a problem of my own making.

For the reasons that the -dev got added, I suspect that I should be checking for a commit hash and then figuring out whether to upgrade based on that.


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