WhatsApp for human connection? or Are Discourse chat and channels used?

No it isn’t? It’s a way for me to stay in touch with dozens of my friends?

It’s not for everyone I guess :woman_shrugging:

You are most likely in the minority, and more importantly for the current topic: probably not representative of the average in the target audience :slight_smile:

If you are truly just building a community for people out of your own personal desires… then yeah, it might make sense to move to whatsapp subgroups.
You lose a lot by moving away from an open platform, but it might help to foster a sense of belonging and help to prevent people from forgetting about the community.


It really really depends on the target audience. Tech audiences have no issue with it at all, people that shy away from computers might find it a bit more challenging. Discourse is successfully being used by thousands of communities though.

I would love for you to share these! Privately if needed, via PM (or you can Whatsapp me… :stuck_out_tongue: )
We of course do a similar things with the user tips and Discobot, but by its nature it has to be generic. I’d love to learn how you tailor that to your users!