When can a post be flagged again after a moderator selected "Keep post"?

We’ve had a post that received a flag. A moderator approved the flag, but also selected Keep post. Another user and a moderator then wanted to flag this post, but both couldn’t and were notified: Thanks, but we’ve already reviewed that post and determined it does not need to be flagged again.

I am admin and moderator on this forum, but logged in with an unrelated user account (Member) and could flag the post. This action then hid it.

I don’t understand what’s the logic at play. What determines who can flag a post after a moderator selected Keep post and who’s flag will be rejected? Or is there just a general waiting time until another flag is possible?

Ok, so I just played this through on a test instance and the logic is that when a moderator approves a flag, but selects Keep Post, the post can not be flagged for the approved reason again, but still for others.

I came across some confusing interactions though: First the standard flag modal is shown to a user that did not flag the post so far. If the user chooses an already approved reason for the flag, they will be notified that the post does not need to be flagged again.

If the user opens the flag modal again, the reason they tried to select before is not listed anymore. In the end the flag modal can look like this for them:

And below the post, the users sees this, though none of those reasons are accepted:


When the user reloads the browser window, all of it is reset and they could repeat this process apparently ad infinitum, without being able to effectively flagging the post.

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