When composer opens, limit height based on current viewport

I think we do this correctly now, more or less: Remember composer height

But, I think I just discovered an unintended consequence that is problematic in certain conditions.

  1. Open composer
  2. Increase the height to the full height of the the viewport
  3. Close composer
  4. Open composer again
    … the composer is the same height as in step 2 :+1:
  5. Close composer
  6. Make browser window smaller (decrease the height)
  7. Open composer again
    … the top of the composer is not visible, and so it cannot be resized :-1:
    … this is more problematic when you’ve changed machines, and you can’t make your browser height any larger.

(As a workaround, you can zoom out in your browser and then resize the composer…)


@misaka4e21 can you have a look at this?

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This might be an easy CSS fix… I think something like max-height: calc(100vh - 65px); would do it.