When I start a conversation with the AI, I do not receive an answer!

When I start a conversation with the artificial intelligence bot and ask for support for a sample topic, I do not receive an answer. Sample image below:

If I ask a question in normal text, he answers. However, if I share it with the link, it does not respond.

Can you have a look in logs? Any errors there

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I asked a different question in the same way, immediately refreshed the error code page and added the picture:

Did I do it right? Thanks

That is odd, that error looks unrelated, recommend you disable sentiment classification, you have it pointed to a URL that is not responding.

After doing that can you repro and see if there is anything new in the log? I am sure there is a bug there, I just really need to error that is being generated.

I invited you to bot users here, can you see if you can repro on our bot?

It did not improve. This is what happens when you ask a question about the link.

not: When I did it with chatgpt 4, there was no problem. The problem may be related to chatgpt 3.5.

I don’t know if it’s your case but in my case switching from one gpt to another had the Ai bot have downtime in replying. The errors are always time out errors in my case. Maybe waiting a bit can help.

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