When notifications go missing

Hi all. Trying to help one of my team track down a mystery. We have a closed to the public Discourse board, and she was tagged in a post by one of our users.

The post is here:


She was tagged, and confirmed that the tag was formatted properly, because when she clicks on her name @francoise it goes to her.

She then double-checked all her notifications from that period of time, as seen here:

And it’s not there.

What other forms of information can i share here that will make it so you can weigh in on this?


Hey @Seth_Godin, that’s a neat mystery. I’m going to take a look, let you know if we need any further details.

OK, not a very exciting mystery :disappointed:. Looks like the user didn’t tag @francoise and others, she created a hyperlink to the user’s profile page. Notice that the mention is blue text with no background, not the usual grey text with a light grey background. Interestingly she did mention users correctly in the second post.

Does this solve the mystery for you?




thanks @jomaxro


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