Where can I find steps for setting up email with my own SMTP server?

I see that in the docs recommend to use dedicated mail service and all of the blog that show how to set up the SMTP mail, they always use the dedicated mail service like mailgun.

According to This
" We strongly recommend using a dedicated email service. Email server setup and maintenance is very difficult even for experienced system administrators, and getting any part of the complex required email setup wrong means your email won’t be delivered, or worse, delivered erratically."

Where can I find these difficult step?
Is there any board or any that show how to do it?

I want to use my own SMTP server, but totally new with this.

You propably don’t find any VPS that allows own mail server. So, you are someway wanting something you can’t get.

Check out “Mail in a Box”. There is at least one topic here about it. I’ve not used it but one thing I remember is a lot of people recommend not to use Digital Ocean as they say it is a spammers’ paradise.


There are many ways to do that, but none recommended or supported here. You’re welcome to give it a go, but if what you want is a functioning server and not a month long project, I recommend starting with something that is likely to work.

But the short answer to the question in the title is “Google”. It’s a popular search engine on the internet. :wink:


This is why I’m still using Mailgun :slight_smile:

I’d like to try Mail in a Box, and suspect it might only take an evening’s work, but if it doesn’t go to plan it could take ages…

Ah, in that case I’d think you can get it set up in an evening. If it’s low volume and you have a bit of patience for your mail classified as spam, it sounds like a great project!

And though I ran mail servers in the 1990s, I too have been using Mailgun for the last several years thinking that next week I’ll get a mail server set up.

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You could search for “Mail in a Box”.

You should use something like ”Can I open ports for mailserver” :wink:

Then you start realize how limited your choices are.

Have a look at the Mail in a Box forum (it runs Discourse) and you’ll see that there are plenty of options :slight_smile:

The basic installation guide mentions email:

  • Already have a mail server? Great. Use your existing mail server credentials.

You likely just need SMTP server name, username and password. If you’re going to use your company email server then you could just ask them.

The recommended email providers page shows how to update the email settings.

Good luck :slight_smile:

You have to google your distro + install mail server. Because those steps depends. It is different task if you are on debian or red hat.

But… you don’t believe this, yet, but you are wasting your time.

He wants to install his own server… He is not looking for where to put credentials.

Yes I thought that too until this bit (my emphasis):

Anyway, he has enough now to answer either question :slight_smile:

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