Help! New install - SMTP

Hey everyone,
So for a while I’ve always installed discourse onto a VPS which is hosted by ovh and my domains (which come with web hosting for the emails) have been hosted by (herein referred to as ONE)

In recent times, ONE have increased there pricing significantly and now I feel trapped. I used ONE, simply so I could make emails under the registered domain and use the email and smtp settings for setting up discourse on my vps.

But now, I no longer have my hosting with ONE because there fees are becoming outrageous. I need some help finding a good place to turn too.

So, my question is this:
I was with ONE because it was cheap and I could register my domain and get web hosting with them with emails included, I could also use there smtp settings. So can I now go to any company, let’s say namescheap and buy email hosting and a domain and use there smtp settings with discourse installation, without having to go through mailgun.

If not, any suggestions for alternatives? Sorry if this is difficult to understand.


I’ve found google to be the most reliable

I use enom to register, point to
Digital Ocean for discourse and
google for email

its pretty inexpensive

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Enom to register the domain? Then you point it to your vps and for the email and smtp you use gmail?

So I dont need to use mailgun etc to use gmail smtp?

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Using gmail in this way is a complete breach of their terms of service.

Refer to the email setup guide for suggested mail providers. Several free options still exist for smaller communities.


That page only lists one: MailJet–all the others are now paid. And the MailJet free plan limits you to 200 emails/day, and puts their branding on every email.

Mailgun used to be free for up to 10k emails/month, but now they’re $0.80/1k emails–still not bad, and I expect I’ll stay with them, but no longer free.


Not saying you’re wrong, but I just set up my forum with MailJet and I’m unable to find any of their branding anywhere on the emails

Their site says they put a logo at the bottom of the emails on the free plan. I haven’t used them, so can’t say from personal experience.

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Yes, you can do that. You can buy the domain with Namecheap and use the Namecheap e-mail. You’ll get a 2 month free trial for the e-mail, so you don’t lose anything trying. In this forum the advise will be to use a specialized mail service, like Sendgrid or Mailgun. It’s probably good advise, but it’s not necessary. You can even setup your own postfix server in the OVH vps for free.

It should be pointed out that doing so creates a huge additional technical burden. Expect more complexity at setup and lots of challenges with mail delivery. We can’t help with any of that, which is why we don’t recommend it.



I’ve fixed it, thanks for all the help guys. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


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