Where does Discourse belong in the Metaverse?

This question comes on the heels of…



It seems like everybody’s getting in on the Metaverse. Does Discourse have any plans on doing the same thing? If they do, then where in the Metaverse do they belong?

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Discourse’s core mission has always been around preserving the paragraph and long form discussion.

Personally, I have no idea where and how the paragraph fits in to the Ready Player One world and neural implants that will be landing in our laps over the next 300 years. The next 300 years are certainly going to be fun albeit somewhat dystopian.

  • We have no plans at the moment for any plays in the Virtual Reality space
  • If there is some sort of VR Google search directory thing that EVERYONE must be on … I guess we will be on it?

We do not make cloud enabled exercise equipment, games, real estate inspection software and stuff like that … so I am not sure where or when we are going to fit into this metaverse zuck is making.


Sorry, I probably should’ve explained it better in the original post. I’m exhausted right now. :sleepy:

For a more “in-depth” look, this article is really good.

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Get some rest … I’m sure someone will write a theme component … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How exactly would this work with a #theme-component though?


You know the real world is so much more rewarding than the metaverse. I’m good with just good old high quality Discourse in text and graphics and maybe a little video.

My oculus is sitting gathering dust because honestly the experience is poor and wearing a huge headset is stupidly uncomfortable.


How old is your Oculus?

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It’s oculus quest 2 - so not that old. My kid played with it for a while. It hurt her head eventually. And it is sitting there idly.

Name one compelling experience and I’ll gladly try it out and report back. Even virtual Netflix is disappointing.

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Resident Evil 4 comes to mind.

I’m 50. I’m not playing a video game where we shoot people. That’s not my idea of a fun enjoyable and rewarding metaverse.


What exactly is your idea of the Metaverse then?

I don’t have one. It’s an artificial construct invented by marketers to sell you more stuff. We have talked about getting separated and apart from each other for years. Humans are natural Communicators. We should learn how to lever our natural strengths and participate in the world with much better results than we do today. Much of that has to do with mental health and getting away from screens and negative feedback loops we are fed everyday online.


Okay, then why are you here?

I like Discourse and enjoy developing and participating in online communities. But the idea of an encompassing “metaverse” makes me puke.


Why does it make you so uneasy though?

This is getting very off topic… I am not sure how any of this relates to Discourse


This is about bringing Discourse to the Metaverse.

I am sorry but we simply have no plans

Is there anything concrete being proposed here?


Are there any plans for Discourse to invest in the Metaverse?


No current plans

Sorry I don’t own a time machine :mantelpiece_clock: