Where to discuss issues with email_reply_trimmer?

I’m finding a problem with users who’re using ProtonMail to send replies to Discourse. I believe a PR needs to be issued to GitHub - discourse/email_reply_trimmer: Library to trim replies from plain text email., however I believe it should be discussed initially and I’m not finding an existing topic for this library here on Meta.

So if we’re to submit individual issues here as I’m doing so, here’s the error I’m seeing wherein the original source email is not being properly excluded:

And here’s source of the email in the “Text” format as per the envelope icon for the post:

This is a response.

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
On Saturday, November 16, 2019 3:45 PM, admin via SiteName <admin@domain.tld> wrote:

> [admin]
> [admin](https://domain.tld/u/admin)
> November 16
> Test post for testing email replies.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> [Visit Topic](https://domain.tld/t/test-post/201/13) or reply to this email to respond.
> You are receiving this because you enabled mailing list mode.
> To unsubscribe from these emails, [click here](https://domain./email/unsubscribe/dad35235322caad5f662345706a9e4c8bac13235bedae186dbf25a3c3d4362).

When I go into the raw format, I’m seeing that this is in Base64 Unicode:


Therefore something is awry with email_reply_trimmer either not decoding this (properly) or some such strangeness…


Looks weird indeed :thinking:

@mreach any chances you (or one of your users) could reply to this topic using ProtonMail so that we can see it firsthand?

Intriguing, how would they reply to this topic without already being subscribed to it? Is there a function I’m missing that would allow them to trigger this or a way for me to facilitate this?

You could invite them to this topic using their email address.

So as you can see, it worked for a test ProtonMail account I set up to send a reply in here, but it’s not working for them on my Discourse instance. I’ll try to invite them to this topic as per your suggestion, but I’m not seeing any invite by email on here - OR are you referring to simply forwarding them the email and then having them reply that way after making an account on here @zogstrip?

Test on try.discourse.org, not here.

Hmm, the screenshot and the message you posted aren’t the same. :wink:

Can you send me a PM with the exact content of the incoming email including all the headers. That makes it easier to debug. You can censor names, email addresses and so on if you want. I’ll have a look.

Also, what’s the value of the incoming email prefer html site setting on your forum?