Incorrect handling of reply-by-E-mail in topics

In the last few months I’ve seen a handful of users reply by E-mail, creating posts that reiterate, either as an exact duplicate or with some formattng issues, the post to which they are replying.

The content they actually typed in reply can be viewed by admin by clicking the envelope icon, so I know they really did type a reply.

Here’s a current example I’ve left in the broken state:

I haven’t yet noticed any specific E-mail provider that seems to consistently fail this way, and it’s not too hard to find these and correct them, but is there something that could be done to the reply-by-E-mail function so they post correctly in the first place?


I don’t see an obvious reason why the text before the original message is trimmed. Something in the email’s HTML part seems to confuse the reply trimmer. I’ll take a look and keep you posted.

You can edit the post if you want. I’ve got everything I need to debug the problem.


This issue should be fixed the next time your instance gets deployed.
FIX: Font tag resulted in wrong email trimming · discourse/discourse@577af81 · GitHub


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