Where to suggest changes to the English strings?

(Ralf Jung) #1

I noticed a few places where I find the English “translation” confusing, or where it is inconsistent:

  • In the user profile https://meta.discourse.org/users/USER/preferences, many settings say something like “Notify me”, “send me a mail”, etc. - but the very last one says “Automatically unpin topics when you reach the bottom.”. For consistency, this should be “Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.”.
  • Furthermore, for the description of a staged user, it is unclear to me whether “can only post via email in specific topics” means that in the other topics, the user can not post at all, or whether in the other topics, she can post normally through the web-interface, but not via e-mail. Also, how are these “specific” topics determined?

What is the procedure to suggest changes to these strings? It seems Transifex treats English as source language, so do I just make a pull request with a changed {client,server}.en.yml?

(Régis Hanol) #2

Exactly, English is the source language and suggestions should be proposed via a PR.

(Ralf Jung) #3

Okay, thanks; I will do that for the first item.

The second one is a question - since I don’t know what exactly the actual restrictions for staged users are, I cannot suggest a change yet :wink:

(Régis Hanol) #4

Staged users are user accounts created when an email is received. They only thing they can do is reply to the topic they created with an email. That’s it.

More context available here

(Ralf Jung) #5

I see, thanks. So then maybe the description should at least be changed from A staged user can only post via email in specific topics. to A staged user can only post via email, and only in specific topics.. Or maybe A staged user can only post via email, and only in his topics..

Personally, I was not aware of this feature (auto-creation of users based on incoming mail) at all, so maybe a reference to the docs or settings or whatever would also be warranted? There is only so much space, though.